✓ Weekly Check-Ins
✓ Motivational Interviewing
✓ A Personalized Weight Control Diet
✓ A Guided Dietary Protocol
✓ Sample Meal Plans
✓ Bonus Recipes
✓ Progress Tracking
✓ A Sustainable Lifestyle Change
✓ Team Mentality
✓ Continued Support & Encouragement
✓ A 1 on 1 Session

Women’s - 8 Week
Group Weight Loss Program

Start Date: April 1st

Spring into summer with a new and healthier you

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Join a group of motivated women for support, encouragement and accountability! Share recipes, laughs, and lessons learned on your 8 week journey to a happier, healthier you.

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Do you struggle with your weight? Do you get confused about what foods to eat and portion sizes for sustainable weight loss? If you are ready to change your life and feel like your best self again, register now!

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8 Weeks

→ x 8 educational videos
→ a guided weight control diet + sample meal plans
→ 24/7 Facebook group support
→ a 1 on 1 session
→ a nutritionist at your fingertips for 8 weeks!

In our group weight loss program, we take the guesswork out of eating healthy. The program includes a 1 on 1 session, 8 educational videos, motivational interviewing, assessments, and weight loss techniques, as well as information on attainable weight loss strategies. We also have private Facebook group for support from our practitioners as well as the weight loss program participants. You will receive a personalized weight control diet (daily calorie goals + daily macronutrient targets), sample meal plans/shopping lists, a guided dietary protocol, bonus recipes/handouts, and so much more.

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Our group program is perfect for people that need a little push to get their health back on track. Participating with a group of people motivated to change makes embarking on a lifestyle change a lot more fun.

Meet your program coach


Sarah is a holistic nutritionist (NNCP) and a culinary nutrition expert (CNE). She specializes in clinical weight loss and helping people develop new and healthy eating habits. She loves her time spent in the kitchen putting a whole food, healthy twist on traditional recipes. She is passionate about inspiring people into making the right choices for their health. When Sarah is not in the kitchen you will find her exploring the hiking trails of Vancouver Island with her Goldendoodle Winston.

The 8 Week Program Includes

x 8 Educational Videos + a 1 on 1 Session

Group Wellness Programs

•released at 1:00 pm pacific or 4:00 pm eastern
•during these educational videos, you will learn all about micro and macronutrients, the top 10 foods to avoid, 10 things that may be interfering with your weight loss efforts, information on sustainable weight loss strategies, and the pillars of weight loss success. A weight loss food guide and a variety of dietary & lifestyle tips are discussed for sustainable weight loss and maintenance
• we review a variety of helpful handouts, track our progress, and discuss our weekly dietary and lifestyle goals
• don’t worry, if you can’t watch the recording at 1:00 pm pacific, all videos are recorded and all handouts and information reviewed in these sessions will be e-mailed after each session
• if you have questions after watching the weekly videos, make sure to submit questions and topics of interest to the Facebook group

Guided Dietary Protocol
issued each week

Our recipes and food lists are geared towards the pillars of weight loss success. We focus our dietary intake on whole foods that provided the body with a variety of phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids. The dietary recommendations in this program focus on fresh, unprocessed foods that help to maintain energy levels by keeping blood sugar levels stable. You will learn how to provide your body with everything you need for that get up and go attitude. Our guided dietary protocol will educate you on eating for sustainable weight loss, weight maintenance, and health. We are here to take the guess work out of eating healthy.

All of the recipes are both dairy and gluten-free. Some of the recipes do contain animal protein but can be easily modified for vegetarians or vegans. It is not mandatory to follow the meal plans, they are intended for educational purposes only, our food guide and programs food list provide you with a great template. Some people love meal prepping and others don’t. We are all about finding what works best for you.

Weekly Meal planner

• a guided weight control diet
• food list of foods to focus on
• food list of foods to avoid
• sample meal plans - breakfast, lunch, dinner + snack options
• prep schedule
• shopping list
• food list
• bonus recipes
• foodie formulas - build your own salads, rainbow bowls, smoothies, dressings, dry rubs, and marinades

24/7 Facebook Group Support

Facebook Group Support

•access to our private Facebook group consisting of your coaches + fellow program participants
• if you would like to have a question answered, e-mail us and we will be sure to address it in the Facebook group
•photo or it didn’t happen! We love to see you working towards your weekly dietary and lifestyle goals, let us know what you are up to
•sharing your triumphs and defeats helps to hold you accountable and keep you motivated
•we want to hear about every victory! Share with the group any tip you find working for yourself that may benefit another person in the program. A snack or recipe you came up with that focus’s on low energy/high volume foods perhaps

Program Outline

Upon Registration - starter package goes out
The weight loss program starter package includes a weight history questionnaire and a weight gain probability questionnaire. These questionnaires are to be filled out and returned via e-mail prior to the start date. The starter package also includes an invite to the weight loss program private Facebook group and access to the private login on the Safely Sweet Nutrition Website
Monday - goal Setting
At Safely Sweet Nutrition, we find setting goals extremely important. We will discuss
Wednesday - weekly educational videos
The coaching calls are held on Zoom every Wednesday at 1:00 pm pacific or 4:00 pm eastern
Wednesday Evening - video recording & all of the handouts discussed in the session will be be e-mailed out
Throughout The Week - E-mail and Facebook Support
Do you have any questions or topics of interest that you would like to be addressed at our next group coaching call? Submit the questions via e-mail throughout the week. If you need support or encouragement throughout the week, use the Facebook group
Bonus - access to a private page on our website to access a variety of handouts and tools. At Safely Sweet Nutrition we like to give our clients the information and inspiration necessary to set them up for long-term success
1 on 1 Session - before the 8 weeks is up, we will have a private session to assess your weight history, personal weight loss and lifestyle goals, and work on tweaking the program to your specific needs

Did you know that people who write down their goals and put them somewhere that they see them have a 60% greater chance of accomplishing them?

Goal Setting