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90 Days has the potential to change everything!

  • In this moment, you may not be feeling quite so sparkly

  • You might have low energy & stress

  • You’ve tried to make good choices and eat the right things, but old habits keep on creeping in

  • You are finding it difficult to stay on track

  • You may be confused about what to eat

  • You can’t keep up with the diet trends

So what is the point?

The point is that you want to feel good, improve your health complaints, and prevent unwanted illnesses & diseases!

You may be struggling with:

  • Low energy

  • Foggy mind

  • Achieving or maintaining your ideal weight

  • Feeling heavy and sluggish

  • Unwanted food cravings

  • Feeling wiped out after exercise

  • Tired after eating

  • High-stress levels, possibly anxiety

  • Achy, sore, stiff joints

  • Troubles sleeping

  • Difficulty waking up

  • Poor digestion, bloating, gas, heartburn

  • Overwhelmed about how to eat healthy with your busy schedule

  • Being hard on yourself for not taking better care of your health


Now, imagine feeling

  • Alert and happy when you wake up

  • Energetic and vibrant throughout the day

  • Free to eat the foods you love without worrying about upsetting your stomach

  • Clear-minded

  • Fewer aches, more strength and flexibility in your body so you can crush your favourite hike, or your fitness/yoga class 

  • Better able to cope with stress

  • Comfortable in your favourite pair of jeans (which you may not have worn in… a while)

  • But the best part, is the confidence you now walk around with; it shows up in your work, your play and your relationships


Feel better starting at $6.90 CDN or $6.22 USD per day

Depending on the package/products you choose, the challenge starts at $214CDN or $193US plus tax, per month.


 Who are we?


The very exciting and unique thing about this program is that you get access to a whole team of health experts and coaches! Instead of paying a huge price tag for the services of ONE health practitioner, you can tap into the wide variety of knowledge, expertise, experience, and perspectives that we bring as TEAM. 

The lead coaches for this program are:

  • Stefanie Miska – Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Certified Health Coach

  • Our very own holistic nutritionist, Julie Bereczki

  • Brooklyn Belanger – Holistic Nutritionist

  • Aimee Burton – Health & Lifestyle Coach

We will also be joined by guest experts who specialize in a wide variety of health topics!

You will have one main coach as you go through this program (whoever introduced you to the program, or the person who you most resonate with) but you’ll hear from all of us in the private Facebook group and we will all be available to chime in on your questions!

What you get with the program:

  • Exceptional nutritional products backed by pharmaceutical-grade science & research, shipped to your door each month at wholesale price  (scroll down for details) 

  • Individualized Support + Coaching by phone or zoom (video conference)

  • Health Education from an integrated team including holistic nutritionists, Chinese medicine/acupuncturist & herbalists, health coaches, and additional guest experts 

  • Simple + tasty recipes to take the guesswork out of eating and snacking; meal plans designed by a Holistic Nutritionist 

  • PDF handouts to make your life easier and help you navigate the confusing world of health 

  • Guidance + support in our private Facebook group – connect with other participants, share your successes and challenges, and receive support

  • Weekly emails – we will pop into your inbox delivering you inspiration, motivation, and tidbits of knowledge to help you on your wellness journey

An estimated monthly cost of approximately $200 a month, for 3 months, and you will receive over $3,000 in value!

We have good news for you

It’s possible to improve how you experience the aging process at any stage of your life. This proven program is designed to harness the power of metabolism to help your body store and utilize fuel more efficiently so you can have more consistent energy. You’ll feel more comfortable in your body with more flexibility, vigour and vitality. You will feel this way all without sugar and caffeine! This program can give any motivated person some of the metabolic advantages of a naturally thin person. Experience life in a remarkably different way; achieve metabolic fitness and peak health at any age.

Benefits of participating in this program

  • You don’t have to do it alone! Anyone can go to a health food store and pick up supplements, but changing your habits to foster a lifestyle shift is so much easier with accountability & support

  • Simple, easy to take natural health products (nutraceuticals) that are PROVEN and produce results

  • Guidance to take the guesswork out of your food choices

  • Learn from a diverse team of health experts (at a fraction of the cost)

  • Become empowered to be your own health advocate

  • Inspiration, motivation, and fun – so the changes you make are lasting!

  • Side effects may include: more energy, better moods, improved digestive function & immune support, healthy blood sugar levels, reduced cravings, joint comfort and flexibility, improved circulation, and weight loss

What sets this nutritional system apart from the rest:

90 Day Money Back
  • Full-scale genomics, proteomics, biochemical, biological and proton NMR capabilities

  • The unrivalled insight and knowledge of 50 full-time scientists

  • In depth testing capabilities for microbial, heavy metals, organic solvent contamination, and pesticides

  • A medicinal plant treasury holding more than 17,000 plants and 300,000 fractions, which makes it the largest functioning plant library in the world

  • Over 161patents & 50 patents pending in 27 areas of product research

  • More than 10,000 farm acres under cultivation. From farm to bottle, Univera is in control of every step of the process, which is the only way to guarantee quality control

  • A 250,000 sq ft. state-of-the-art manufacturing facility

  • Unparalleled technology, transforming the secrets of Mother Nature into the highest quality natural products for you. Bringing the best of nature to human kind