10 Tips For Meal Prepping For Summer Adventures

It is summer time and the livings easy ♪

One of my all time favourite pastimes is unplugging and spending time in nature. You will often find me on road trips, camping, hiking, and sailing. One of my priorities while off adventuring is to continue to fuel myself with good quality food so that I will have the nutrients and energy needed to explore and have fun in the sun.


Below are a few tips I have found useful for meal prepping for summer adventures.

**note - the tips below are geared towards road trips, sailing, and drive-up camping trips. I didn’t include any wellness info on how to dehydrate meals for overnight hiking trips. If you are interested in dehydrated meals, comment below!

On our sail boat, we only have an ice box. This means limited space for all of the good quality produce and meat we will be bringing on our adventures. I have started using pre-prepped food that is freezer friendly as some of our ice. I also use frozen water bottles as our ice so that we can drink it once it has melted.


Salad Topper Example

Salad Topper Example

  • Plan Ahead

    • If I am going adventuring for a week, I like to have a plan of exactly what we will be eating. I use one of my meal planner sheets to map out our meals and snacks. This means 1 grocery shop and a big prep day but it will result in minimal cooking time while we are away. I like to keep the cooking time for all meals below 10 minutes.

  • Pre-Wash & Chop Produce

    • Carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, celery, bell peppers, cucumber, radish for quick snacks.

    • Pre-chop onion/garlic vegetables that will be going into recipes that you will be making. Example: dice onion, garlic, and chop veggies and mix them through minced turkey or lean beef with spices. I freeze it all together, and once on the boat, let thaw, and sauté it up for burrito bowls and easy Mexican style breakfasts.

    • I usually prep a salad topper for super quick salad assembly. Try using a mandoline slicer to cut your chopping time in half. If you are going to eat it over 5 or so days, use vegetables that won’t go soft or soggy after a few days. Carrot, radish, celery, spring onion, and fresh herbs work great. Simply grab a handful and place on-top of pre-washed greens and serve with your choice of dressing.

Click on the photo for this 2 Bite Falafel Recipe

Click on the photo for this 2 Bite Falafel Recipe

  • Freezer Friendly

    The next time you are making freezer friendly meals, double the recipe so you will have extra in the freezer for your next summer getaway.


    • Burger Patties

    • Falafels

    • Black Bean & Quinoa Burgers

    • Pulled Chicken or Pork

    • Eggs Cups

    • Quinoa or Brown Rice Pucks

    • Curry

    • Chilli

    • Energy Balls

  • Marinate or Apply A Dry-Rub In Advance

    • Apply a marinade or dry rub to meat in advance. This saves a step while you are away.

    • I recommend freezing the meat to use as ice in your cooler or ice box. Remove the morning of the day that you want to have it so that is will be thawed in time for dinner.

Sailboat meal
  • Hard-Boiled Eggs

    • Hard-boiled eggs make for a great protein packed snack or an easy breakfast. I usually prepare burrito bowls for one of the meals while I am away and the extra minced turkey or beef tastes great with eggs, avocado, and salsa.

  • Hummus, Dips + Dressings

    • I will always have a hummus prepped. This makes for a great snack to have with crackers, veggie sticks, or on brown rice thins.

    • 1 other dip like herb & cashew or a pesto to keep things interesting.

    • 1 salad dressing for the week to enjoy on rainbow bowls and other meals.

  • Tubs of Pre-Washed Greens

    • Bringing tubs of pre-washed spinach, kale or arugula helps for you to quickly assemble salads, sides, or rainbow bowls.

Click the photo for this Burrito Bowl Recipe

Click the photo for this Burrito Bowl Recipe

  • Rainbow Bowls or Quinoa Salads

    • Rainbow bowls are a great way of getting everything you need to feel full and energized for the day. I use a handful or two of pre-washed greens, nuts/seeds, hummus, sprouts, and leftover protein. Everything is usually already prepped and all you have to do is is quickly assemble. You have the opportunity to mix up ingredients and flavours for something different everyday.

    • Another option is making a large batch of quinoa salad for quick and easy side options for your lunches and dinners. I love doing up a large quinoa greek salad, quinoa tabouleh, or an Asian style salad. You can always mix up your flavours.

  • Pre-Made

    • We will usually have ribs for one of our meals. I use the Instant Pot to pre-cook the ribs so that all we will have to do is throw them on the bbq.

    • I usually partially pre-cook potatoes in the Instant Pot too. I will coat them in olive oil, garlic, herbs, and onion or whatever I am feeling like so that when we are ready to eat them all I have to do is wrap them in tinfoil and throw them on the fire or BBQ. This ends up taking a fraction of the time it would have normally taken to cook them, saving propane or fire power.

    • I love having chia pudding or overnight oats for easy breakfasts or snacks.

    • Slice and cube veggies for skewers. Lightly coat in olive oil and seasoning of choice. All you have to do is put skewers in them and throw them on the barbecue.

Apricot Energy Balls - click on the photo for the recipe

Apricot Energy Balls - click on the photo for the recipe

  • Treats & Snacks

    • Camping and adventuring usually goes along with roasting marshmallows, s’mores, banana boats, and hotdogs. As much as I love the memory of those treats, I am not the biggest fan of the ingredients that come along with them. Try to purchase healthier options that don’t include modified ingredients, corn syrup, artificial flavours, dyes, preservatives, nitrites, and other poor quality fillers.

      Marshmallow Ingredients: Corn Syrup, Sugar, Dextrose, Modified Cornstarch, Water, Contains Less Than 2% of Gelatin, Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate (Whipping Aid), Natural and Artificial Flavour, Blue 1


      My favourite camping treat is the banana boat. It tastes like a hot banana split.

      • Banana Boat - to make a banana boat you will need tin foil, dark chocolate, & marshmallows (try to get marshmallows without all the nasty ingredients or try making your own!)

      • Don’t peel your banana. Slice it vertically through the peel. Try not to slice it all the way though. Keeping the peel on helps hold everything together.

      • Place dark chocolate and marshmallow inside

      • Wrap in tinfoil and place on the grill or coals of a fire or on a bbq

      • Let cook for 5-7 minutes

      • Carefully unwrap and enjoy

    • I usually have additional treats prepped. I prioritize natural sugars and for the snacks to be protein packed. Something like energy balls, nut & seed mixes, blender brownies, muffins, or puffed rice bars. These are great options for any day trips or hikes. All of these recipes are also freezer friendly!

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