Easy Homemade Cacao Butter Chocolate

Easy Chocolate Recipe

This is one of my favourite little treats to make and have stored in the fridge or freezer when chocolate cravings kick in. You get to reap all of the health benefits from raw cacao with a simple recipe. I have been using a chocolate stained, loose piece of paper as my directions for the past 4 years. While I was making Valentines Day chocolates for my husband, I realized it was about time I typed out the recipe and some of the chocolate making tips I have learned along the way.

The main difference between cocoa and cacao is that cacao hasn’t been heat treated during processing. Because of this, it contains more vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants.

Raw Chocolate

Raw Cacao

✔️is full of antioxidants
✔️a great source of minerals, especially calcium, magnesium and iron
✔️it helps to reduces stress levels
✔️is a mood elevator, thanks to its ability to boost the body’s potential to produce the feel good neurotransmitters
✔️is full of polyphenols. These antioxidants not only enhance our immune system but they also help us to age gracefully
✔️increases energy levels
✔️contains healthy fats that help to regulate our hormones
✔️boosts metabolism

Cacao Butter Chocolate

Recommended Equipment

  • a small pot and heat safe bowl
    to be used as a double boiler

  • a fine mesh sieve

  • whisk

  • food scale
    to measure out 218g of cacao butter prior to grating

  • cooking thermometer
    aim to heat chocolate between 45 - 50 degrees celsius. This helps to keep all of the nutrients in tact as well as prevent the chocolate from seizing and getting gritty

  • grater
    to grate the chunks of cacao butter so that it will melt evenly

  • measuring spoons

  • chocolate funnel - optional

  • chocolate molds or a small parchment paper lined baking tray


One of the best things about making your own chocolates is that you can make them completely customizable. You can use whichever toppings you prefer, make nut butter cups, and superfood barks. You can also do a fraction of the sweetener for a low carb version. Below is the standard chocolate recipe I use.

  • 218 grams of cacao butter, grated

  • 1/4 cup rice malt syrup or maple syrup
    the rice malt syrup gives is a caramel like flavour, it is delicious

  • 1/4 cup + 3 tbsp cacao powder or 3 - 4 tbsp cacao powder & 3 - 4 tbsp carob powder

  • 1 tsp vanilla extract

  • a pinch of sea salt

Chocolate Toppings

Super Boost It

Once everything gets melting, things happen quickly! To prevent the cacao butter from separating from the sweetener, make sure to have your toppings set aside prior to melting the cacao butter.

← check out these yummy examples


  • using the scale, measure out your cacao butter, grate it so it is all the same size. This will ensure that it melts evenly and that the cacao butter won’t overheat and become gritty

  • place a cup of water at the bottom of a pot, allow for it to come to a boil, once boiled reduce heat and simmer

  • while the water is coming to a bowl, set aside your toppings and your chocolate molds. Place your molds on a small chopping board that will be able to fit in your freezer. If you do not have molds, use a small parchment paper lined baking sheet to make a chocolate bark

  • place a heat safe bowl on top of the pot of simmering water

  • add the cacao butter to the bowl, stir occasionally
    ** note - make sure to not allow ANY water to mix in with the cacao butter. It causes it to separate from the other ingredients. ensure that all of your utensils, chocolate molds, and bowls are clean and completely dry

  • once 75% of the cacao butter is melted, check the temperature, if it is nearing 50 degrees celsius, remove the bowl from the pot of simmering water and allow for the rest of the cacao butter to melt

  • once it has all melted, add the liquid sweetener and vanilla extract. Whisk until completely combined

  • using the sieve, sift through the cacao and or carob powder. This helps to make sure there is no lumps

  • whisk until completely combined and stir though a pinch of salt

  • transfer the chocolate mixture to a chocolate funnel (for easy pouring) and place chocolate in the molds

  • top with whatever your heart desires

  • place molds in the freezer for roughly 30 minutes

  • transfer chocolates to an airtight container and store in the fridge or freezer

Raw Cacao Butter Chocolate