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Prior to an initial consultation each client is provided with an intake form to submit to the clinical practitioner. 

This form is designed to give the practitioner insight into the symptomatology of the client, and contributes valuable information on health history, current concerns, and future goals.

Save the fillable form to your desktop. Once filled out, save the filled out version and e-mail the form back to

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Our nutrition consultations can be done in person (Victoria, B.C), over skype, zoom, and the phone.  Our first initial phone call of 15 minutes is free, so don't hesitate to contact us.      


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Please include 3 times that work best for you to set up our initial consultation. 15 minutes is free!

Julie Bereczki, NNCP



Julie Bereczki

Sarah Zuback, NNCP



Sarah Zuback


Home Office:  Located in Saanichton, on Mount Newton Cross Road
Your Home:  Greater Victoria area (Sidney, Saanich, Victoria, Esquimalt) - free of charge, outside the greater Victoria area, inquire for an additional fee
Online: Most services are offered online, over the phone, skype or zoom for a discounted rate