Nutrition Consultation

Prior to an initial consultation, each client is provided with an intake form to submit to the clinical practitioner. 
This form is designed to give the practitioner insight into the symptomatology of the client and contributes valuable information on health history, current concerns, and future goals. During a nutritional consultation, our clinical practitioners answer any questions and provide recommendations. We work hard to ensure each client leaves confident and excited about their journey to better health.

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Nutrition Notes

What Does A Consultation Look Like?

During a nutritional consultation our clinical practitioners answer any questions and provide recommendations. We work hard to ensure each clients leaves confident and excited about their journey to better health.

Why Choose Holistic Nutrition?

Holistic nutrition is preventive medicine. It is a noninvasive therapy that helps get to the root cause of unwanted health issues. We do not diagnosis disease but help to prevent it. Instead of masking health issues with prescription drugs, our focus is to work on the body as a whole and to strengthen overall vitality.  

Our clinical practitioners educate their clients on how to make the right food choices for them and their family. Holistic nutrition involves the active involvement of the client in the development of a new and healthier lifestyle. Together, they set dietary and lifestyle goals, adjust bad habits, introduce new habits, and find recommendations that work best for their schedule and their life.



Phone or Zoom Call
15 Minutes, Free!

During this call we discuss your goals and any health issues you are currently trying to overcome.  This meeting gives you the opportunity to get to know your practitioner and assess if they are a right fit for you on your pursuit of health.  If you decide to continue with Safely Sweet Nutrition, your clinical practitioner will provide you with information on how to complete your intake forms and book an appointment.

Nutrition Consultation
60-75 Minutes, $120.00

Through the information provided on the intake forms, a custom nutrition program will be provided to the client.  During this consultation, dietary, supplemental and lifestyle recommendations will be reviewed with them.  This consultation will provide the client with one on one time with your nutritional practitioner to review their recommendations and allow for the client to ask any questions or bring up any concerns.  They will be provided with knowledge, confidence, and skill to take charge of their health and evoke positive change in their life.

* In person consultations can take place in Victoria + the Greater Victoria Area. Their choice of our Saanichton office or a location of their choosing
*Skype or Zoom consultations for 20% discounted rate

Follow-Up Nutrition Consultation
30 Minutes, $50.00

After an initial consultation, follow-ups are scheduled in either bi-weekly, monthly or bi-monthly intervals depending upon their health concerns, current goals, and lifestyle.  During a follow-up consultation, we review their goals, current lifestyle, and any challenges they may currently be facing.  We will look at their progress and alter the nutrition plan as needed.

If you are interested in working with us on a more regular basis, make sure to check out our group programs and 8-12 week weight loss programs.