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At Safely Sweet Nutrition all of our services use a hands-on, educational approach, building our clients confidence and empowering them for the future. 

Julie and Sarah are holistic nutritionists/natural nutritional clinical practitioners practicing in the Cowichan Valley & Victoria, BC.  They also offer the majority of their services online for a discounted rate.

Weight Loss Programs

Our 8 - 12 weight loss programs are personalized to each individual. We know how difficult it is to to get started on a lifestyle change. Our focus is educating you on your body and its specific needs so the techniques learned about in this program will positively affect your life long past our final session. We help each client find internal motivation that sets them up for long-term success.

Best Weight loss centers in Victoria

A Guided 8 Week Group Weight Loss Program

Join our next group program and let us help you revamp your diet and lifestyle. Learn the ins and outs of sustainable weight loss. No fad diets or calorie restriction here. We offer the tools and information that will positively affect your life long past the last day of the program.

90 Day Transformation System

The very exciting and unique thing about this program is that you get access to a whole team of health experts and coaches! Instead of paying a huge price tag for the services of ONE health practitioner, you can tap into the wide variety of knowledge, expertise, experience, and perspectives that we bring as TEAM. 

Nutrition Consultations

Using our in-depth intake form and some discussion, we asses lifestyle and symptomatology. From there, our nutritional practitioners provide dietary, lifestyle and supplemental recommendations to get you feeling your best self!

Meal Plans

Our meal plans include delicious, whole food recipes for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinners! We take the guess work out of eating healthy. All the recipes provided are simple, tasty and health enhancing! (*all of the recipes can be customized for allergies, muscle gain, weight loss etc.*)

21 Day Reset

Our 21 Day Resets provide you with a variety of useful tools and information to get a little pep back in your step!  Refresh your diet and lifestyle with a list of foods to focus on and avoid, a meal plan (shopping list + prep schedule) and a variety of helpful handouts.  Hold yourself accountable with Facebook group and e-mail support.

Foods That Fight: Anti-Inflammatory Group Program

One of the best things you can do to combat inflammation is to adjust your diet. Focusing your diet on anti-inflammatory foods and avoiding foods that are known to cause inflammation is a great place to start. Join our next group and find the internal motivation to feel like your best self again.

Some of our services may be covered if you have Manulife, GreenSheild Canada, iA Financial Group, Pacific Blue Cross, Sunlife, or Great West Life benefits.  Inquire with your provider for more information.