Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss Program

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Safely Sweet Nutrition is here to take the guess work out of eating healthy. Our sustainable weight loss programs are personalized to each individual.  We know how difficult it is to get started on a lifestyle change.  Our focus is educating each client on their body and its specific needs so the techniques learned about in this program will positively affect their life long past the duration of the program.  We help each client find internal motivation that sets them up for long term success.

Our programs include:

  • an individualized program catered to your specific needs

  • an in-depth initial consultation
    (1 - 1.5 hours) 

  • weekly 45 minute - 1 hour check-ins with motivational interviewing, assessments and additional weight loss techniques

  • the calculation of your optimal weight range

  • a body composition analysis

  • a personalized weight control diet
    - daily calorie goals
    - daily macronutrient targets

  • information on attainable weight loss strategies

  • a sample meal plan/shopping list with recipes developed by a culinary nutrition expert and natural nutrition clinical practitioner

  • private login information for our website to access recipes and information on the glycemic index, low-energy/high-density eating

  • detection of suspected weight gain factors (lack of sleep, stress, food intolerance, hormonal imbalance, toxic load, etc)

  • the application of principles of weight loss psychology

  • progress tracking

  • continued support and encouragement throughout the duration of your program

8 Week or 12 Week:
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