Meal Plan Package

Meal Plan Package


Our Weight Loss Meal Plan Package Includes:

  • A shopping list

  • A detailed prep schedule

  • Recipes for breakfast, lunch, snacks & dinners + additional bonus recipes

  • Meal preparation tips and tricks to ensure your meal plan runs smoothly

  • Health tips to get you feeling your best self

  • A weight loss food guide (a food pyramid, potion sizes, rules to follow)

  • A weight gain probability questionnaire

  • + bonus resources to help keep you motivated and on track

  • when you purchase one of your meal plans, you also have the option of adding a 1 on 1 nutrition consultation for a discounted rate of 20% off!

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More Info

All of our meal plans are designed for cooking for 2 people.  The participant and their partner.  If you have children it is easy to double the recipes to allow for a few more mouths. If you’re cooking for one, simply reduce the size of the recipes and ingredients by 1/2.

This meal plan is aimed at people wanting to get their health on track. The recipes and information provided help educate and guide our clients into making healthy choices for sustainable weight loss. There is a variety of information and tools included about meal prep, foods lists on foods to focus on/foods to avoid, and on portion sizes. The recipes are dairy-free, gluten-free and include sustainably and ethically sourced meat.

Our Meal Plans are perfect for those who are:

  • In need of a refresh

  • Feeling sluggish and unmotivated

  • Finding it hard to stay on track

  • Unhappy with their body

  • In need of meal prepping tips and tricks

  • Ready to take control of their health

The great thing about cooking is that you can always make do with what you have.  Below is the recommended equipment for this meal plan

  • Blender

  • Pot

  • Pan

  • Baking Pan

  • Baking Rack

  • Muffin Tin

  • Spatula

  • Measuring Spoons

  • Measuring Cup

  • Food Storage Containers, preferably glass


  • Mandoline
    A mandoline is a great time saver in the kitchen.  Your veggies all look beautiful and take a fraction of the time to prepare

  • Spiralizer
    If you want to prepare your own vegetable noodles a spiralizer is a must

  • Food Processor
    A food processor comes in very handy, grinding nuts/seeds/oats for pesto's and other recipes.  You do not need anything fancy.  I often use the little minnie food processor that came with my immersion blender.  Click here to see the one I use.  For larger recipes I use a Kitchen Aid.  

  • Instant Pot
    The instant Pot is by no means a must have.  It is just an amazing piece of equipment that often cuts recipe times in 1/2