Foods That Fight: Anti-Inflammatory Group Program

Foods That Fight: Anti-Inflammatory Group Program


Our anti-inflammatory group program is perfect for people that need a push to get their health back on track. It is also a great program to follow for couples that are looking at getting pregnant or for people preparing their bodies for surgery. Breaking bad habits and forming new healthy habits isn’t easy. Doing it with a group of people motivated to change makes it a lot more fun.

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6 Weeks

x 6 group coaching calls
x 6 weekly meal plans + a guided anti-inflammatory diet protocol
24/7 Facebook group support

What the program Includes

Group Coaching Calls

•held on Zoom every Wednesday at 12 pm pacific or 3pm eastern. During these group coaching calls, information on inflammatory, dietary and lifestyle tips and helpful handouts are discussed. Questions and topics of interest are also discussed
•don’t worry, if you can’t make it live, all coaching calls are recorded and all handouts/recording info will be e-mailed after each session
•if you can’t make it but still would like to have a question answered, e-mail us and we will be sure to address it

Meal Plans

•a guided anti-inflammatory diet protocol
•food list of anti-inflammatory foods to focus on
•food list of inflammatory foods to avoid
•weekly meal plan - breakfast, lunch, dinner + snack options
•prep schedule
•shopping list
•food list
•bonus recipes
•foodie formulas - build your own salads, rainbow bowls, smoothies, dressings, dry rubs, and marinades

24/7 Facebook Group

•access to our private Facebook group consisting of your coaches + fellow Nutrition For Inflammation participants
•photo or it didn’t happen! We love to see you working towards your weekly dietary and lifestyle goals, let us know what you are up to
•sharing your triumphs and defeats helps to hold you accountable and keep you motivated
•we want to hear about every victory any tip you find work for yourself that may benefit another person in the program. A snack or recipe you came up with that focus’s on the anti-inflammatory foods perhaps.

Friday - Starter package goes out
The anti-inflammatory starter package includes an inflammation probability questionnaire. This questionnaire is to be filled out on the first and last day of the program and will be used to help us to track your progress. The starter package also includes the first weeks meal plan, shopping list and a list of foods to focus on and avoid
Saturday - Grocery shop
We recommend for you to do your grocery shopping the day before your prep. It makes everything a lot more enjoyable. We also suggest that all produce is washed and stored upon arriving home. This sets you up for an easy prep day
Sunday - Meal Pep
There is two different ways of doing our meal plans. Some people prefer to cook everything on Sunday. All they have to do during the week is grab things and reheat as they go. Other people prefer cooking a little bit everyday. This means you can prep individual ingredients and assemble meals to be cooked later on during the week.
Monday - Goal Setting
At Safely Sweet Nutrition, we find setting goals extremely important.

Did you know that people who write down their goals and put them somewhere that they see them have a 60% greater chance of accomplishing them?

We are happy to embrace these those odds any day. Each week we set 3 dietary or lifestyle goals to follow for the week
Wednesday - Group Coaching Call
•Friday - The following weeks package goes out
E-mail Support - Weekly e-mail summary of information that was reviewed throughout the week and handouts that were covered
Bonus - handouts
A variety of handouts and tools. At Safely Sweet Nutrition we like to give our clients information and inspiration necessary to set our clients up for long-term success

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