✓ Weekly Sessions
✓ Motivational Interviewing
✓ A Personalized Weight Control Diet
✓ A Guided Dietary Protocol
✓ Sample Meal Plans
✓ Bonus Recipes
✓ Progress Tracking
✓ A Sustainable Lifestyle Change
✓ Attainable Goals
✓ Continued Support & Encouragement


8 or 12 Week, Online or In-Person

Safely Sweet NutritionVictoria, Saanich, Saanichton, Sidney, Esquimalt, James Bay, Oak Bay, BCNutrition, Nutrition Consultations, Weight Loss, Meal Plans, Healthy Eating, Recipe Development, 21 Day Health Challenges, Sports Nutrition

According to the Canadian Obesity Network, 1 in 4 adults and 1 in 10 children are currently struggling with a weight condition,  this means there are six million Canadians that are overweight.  These figures mimic those in other developed countries around the world.  If you have excess body fat you are at risk of a variety of health conditions, including but not limited to:

  • liver disease

  • kidney disease

  • type 2 diabetes

  • metabolic syndrom

  • high blood pressure

  • colon or breast cancer

  • sleep apnoea

  • asthma

  • gastro-intestinal issues

  • infertility

  • back pain

  • osteoarthritis

This epidemic is a direct result of the convenient world that we live in.  Our bodies naturally crave high fat, high sugar foods that can be found with minimal effort on nearly every street corner.  Our grocery store aisles are also filled with processed and refined products.  It is estimated that two-thirds of the diets of people from developed countries come from fat, sugar and refined flour.  This leaves very little room for the body to be provided with essential nutrients needed for the body to function optimally.

Safely Sweet Nutrition is here to take the guess work out of eating healthy.  Our 8 - 12 week programs help to educate you on how to adjust your diet and lifestyle for optimal health.

Click here to inquire about weight loss reimbursement grants available in Canada.

Weight Loss Program Handouts Examples

Program Details

Our 8 and 12 week programs use current scientific information and formulas to help you shed unwanted weight.  Our programs include:

  • an individualized program catered to your specific needs

  • an in-depth initial consultation
    (1 - 1.5 hours) 

  • weekly 45 minute - 1 hour check-ins with motivational interviewing, assessments and additional weight loss techniques

  • the calculation of your optimal weight range

  • a body composition analysis

  • a personalized weight control diet
    - daily calorie goals
    - daily macronutrient targets

  • information on attainable weight loss strategies

  • a sample meal plan/shopping list with recipes developed by a culinary nutrition expert and natural nutrition clinical practitioner

  • private login information for our website to access recipes and information on the glycemic index, low-energy/high-density eating

  • detection of suspected weight gain factors (lack of sleep, stress, food intolerance, hormonal imbalance, toxic load, etc)

  • the application of principles of weight loss psychology

  • progress tracking

  • continued support and encouragement throughout the duration of your program

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What sets us apart?

Our sustainable weight loss programs are personalized to each individual. We work towards individual goals. Our aim is to have each client feeling confident and ready for all of lives experiences. We know how difficult it is to get started on a lifestyle change. Our focus is educating people on their bodies and its specific needs so the techniques learned about in this program will positively affect their life long past our final session. We help each client find internal motivation that sets them up for long term success.

Our weight loss programs educate people on what makes them overweight, what to eat, and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Regular sessions with our clients help to ensure progress is being tracked.  We focus on what is working for our clients and help to rectify what isn't.  We use a variety of handouts that help to hold people accountable for their goals and progress.  Weekly sessions keep clients motivated and on track!   

Weight Loss Program Handouts Examples


8 Week Program

12 Week Program

Price Breakdown

15 Minute Phone Call or E-Mail Inquiry
Cost - Free

During this phone call we discuss your weight loss goals.  This meet and greet gives you the opportunity to get to know your practitioner and assess if they are a right fit for you on your pursuit of health.  If you decide to continue with Safely Sweet Nutrition, your clinical practitioner will provide you with information on how to complete an intake form, medical consent form and to book an appointment.

1-1.5 Hour Initial Weight Loss Consultation
 Cost - $125.00

Through the information provided on the intake form, following the initial 15 minute phone call, a custom weight loss program will be developed for you.  During this initial consultation dietary, supplemental and lifestyle recommendations will be reviewed with you.  Your natural nutrition clinical practitioner will also take photos, measurements and do a weigh-in to ensure that progress is being tracked.

This in-depth consultation will provide you with one on one time with your nutritional practitioner to review your recommendations and allow for you to ask any questions.  You will be provided knowledge, confidence, and skill to take charge of your health and evoke positive change in your life.

* In person consultations can take place in Victoria, BC and the surrounding area only
*Inquire about Skype or Zoom consultations for a discounted rate

8 Week Program
Cost - $599

Initial Consultation =  $125
7 Weekly 45 Minute -1 Hour Sessions = $474

For the duration of the 8 week program you meet with your clinical nutritionist once a week.  Weekly check-ins allow for you and your practitioner to discuss what is working for you, what is not and alter your program accordingly

Your clinical practitioner will also introduce additional weight loss assessments and techniques.   

  • the application of principles of weight loss psychology
    - motivational interviewing
    - how to break bad habits
    - how to form new habits
    - goal setting
    - gratitude journalling

  • regular weigh-ins, measurements and progress photos

  • progress tracking

  • continued support and encouragement throughout the duration of the program

12 Week Program
Cost - $799

Initial Consultation =  $125
11 Weekly 45 Minute - 1 Hour Check-Ins = $674


Home Office:  Located in Saanichton, on Mount Newton Cross Road
Your Home:  Sidney, Saanich, Victoria, Esquimalt - free of charge, outside the greater Victoria area, inquire for an additional fee
Online: The online weight loss program is offered over the phone, skype or zoom for a discounted rate
8 Week = $475
12 Week = $675

from 599.00
8 Week or 12 Week:
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Safely Sweet NutritionVictoria, Saanich, Saanichton, Sidney, Esquimalt, James Bay, Oak Bay, BCNutrition, Nutrition Consultations, Weight Loss, Meal Plans, Healthy Eating, Recipe Development, 21 Day Health Challenges, Sports Nutrition